The 7Habits of Highly Effective People

“7 habits of highly effective people” is written by Stephen R. The seven habits are be proactive, begin with the end in mind; put first thing first; think win-win; seek first to understand, then to be understood; synergize; sharpen the saw; and from effectiveness to greatness.[1] I think three of those habits fit me well. They are put first thing first, think win-win and sharpen the saw. Putting first thing first is very important to me. I think before I do anything, there are also certain orders we need to consider. For example, I will eat an apple after every dinner. I will never eat one before dinner. Since I already know eating an apple would be helpful for our digestive system. As an organized individual, I always prepare myself. Strengthen my abilities before any threats come up. As a student, we need to prepare ourselves for every different course. At some situations, we need to think about a resolution of win-win situation. We need to think about the problem not only from students’ perspective, but also teachers’ perspective. I always think about that. Just in case, something serious happens in the class. In my opinion, these habits are very useful for us in the workplace, too. Always thinking from your employers’ perspective will make you become a good employee. At that time, your employer would be glad to have an employee like you. Then your salaries would be probably pulled up to other level. This is why we need to think win-win. In addition, sharpen the saw has serious meaning as well. You need to improve yourselves even you are not in certain position. For example, you may learn how to develop your management skills. Once your employer sees it, he may promote you become a supervisor or manager. This is why people call it highly effective habit.

Here is a video for introducing the book.




1. “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R




Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

In present days, social media tools have significant meaning to all of us. Social media tools are platforms where people interact together. They can share thoughts, ideas and photos among those social media tools. Some of the social media tools are very popular, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slideshare and YouTube. It is essential to use social media in today’s society. It is very important for professionals to use these tools. The reason of doing this would be they can create their own personal brand which will help to expand their social networking. Most professionals successfully create their personal brand and help themselves success in different fields. If you want to success, depending on how you extend your social networking. Professionals will add friends with other professionals which create a positive image to themselves. In addition, they can somehow promote their own personal brand through the networking and gain experiences from those professionals who are already working in the fields they are looking for. In result, it becomes easier for them to connect with other professionals. By the way, some potential employers will seek for professional through social media. If you already have created a good personal brand there, you are having an advantages comparing with other candidates. Therefore, it is wise for us to create our personal brand now before we are actually looking for a job. According to the article I found, it states four major reasons why social media is so important and useful. Four major reasons are “everybody is doing it; people like branding, distance yourself from the Bad Apples and community is everything”[1]. These reason exactly fit what I say before. When I look at another article “how social media is changing the business”, I can totally feel the power of social media. In this article, it said consumers now have directly connection with the companies. They no longer need to walk up to the offices or call the companies. Consumers now can directly use social media and talk to companies. And the companies already adopted this fact. Companies have to response to the consumers back by using social media. It makes companies admit the power of social media. These tools are not only the efficient way to find a job, but also huge speakers which allow us to speak what our thought are to the company. Here is a video I found from YouTube that shows how powerful social media is. You may take a look at it and enjoy the vedio.




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